Child-Kids Shoulder Carrier

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  • Provides ankle cuffs with dual safety systems to secure the child.
  • Designed for Children 2-5 Years, weighing 44.1lb (20 kg )or less
  • Reduce the pressure on your hands. Hands-Free.
  • Nylon, polyurethane foam, straps
  • Adjustable, ergonomic waist belt.
  • Sturdy and adjustable buckles.
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This simple product that enables parents to carry their children on their shoulders hands-free. It supports parent-child bonding by making outdoor experiences more enjoyable for both.

All this in a very compact and powerful package!
This replaces the traditional method of needing to hold your child’s ankles with a much safer and practical system that uses high-quality materials, industrial Velcro, and adjustable buckles to secure your child.